Media Room
12 Jun 2017
BCS Global Markets ranks Top 5 Brokerage firm in Russia

BCS Global Markets is delighted to have entered Thomson Extel’s 2017 Top 5 brokerage firm ranking in Russia, rising from 12th position in last year’s results.

The BCS ranking included Kirill Chuyko, Head of Research, at 2nd spot for metals and mining research, while Oleg Petropavlovskiy, Senior Analyst, was ranked 3rd.

Vyacheslav Smolyaninov and Penka Shopova were top 3 in strategy and Equity sales sectors. Olga Naydenova was ranked 5th for Banks and other financials.

Commenting on the rankings Yossi Dayan, Head of Markets, BCS Global Markets said: This success demonstrates the deep talent we have here at BCS. We have a versatile team working closely together across our execution, research and sales units in order to provide world class service to our clients and counterparties. As we enter a MIFID II environment, I am confident that BCS will build on its recent success in order to provide the brokerage service that is expected from one of Russia’s leading Investment Banks.