Media Room
10 Dec 2018
BCS Global Markets wins in four categories at the 16th Russian Bond Congress

The 16th Annual Russian Bond Conference 2018 took place on the 6th and 7th December in St. Petersburg and was attended by 600 leading professionals working in the Russian and International debt markets. The annual bond conference has become one of the major events in the financial markets’ sphere and this year BCS Global Markets became a general partner of the conference for the first time.

BCS Global Markets was nominated for four awards and won all four. The categories were: "The best analysis on the bond market", "The best investment bank for working with the second and third tier issuers", "The best high-yield deal" and "The second best arranger of high-yield deals". The awards were given for achievements throughout 2018 at the awards ceremony on the 7th December in ST. Petersburg. 

Alexey Vinogradov, Head of Fixed Income comments: The 16th Russian Bonds Congress revealed a new trend –an interest in the high-yield segment of the debt market. As the rates go down, investors are increasingly interested in expanding their portfolio ranges. Quality expertise is in high demand in the segment of high-yield borrowers. The team of BCS Global Markets is equipped to provide the best expertise in this market and support high-yield borrowers.
This is evidenced by the choice of the market participants who voted for BCS Global Markets.

Aleksey Kupriyanov, Head of Debt Capital Markets Department says: The high appreciation by debt market participants of our work in 2018 is extremely valuable to us. It is a collective success of the whole BCS GM team. It is highly important that we not only attract financing to issuers, but also make deals that are interesting to investors, regardless of the current market environment.

Maria Radchenko, Head of Fixed Income Research BCS Global Markets: We thank investors for their appreciation of our work. BCS Global Markets fixed income analysts and trading desk team are constantly in contact with clients and partners to provide relevant research products that best meet the needs of our clients. We are very pleased to be in the top three research teams, and will continue working hard to ensure that our products are useful to investors when making investment decisions.