Media Room
17 Jan 2020
The judging panel presents BCS Global Markets with the 2019 Best Prime Brokerage Services (Russia) award

As Russia’s largest brokerage firm, BCS Global Markets opens a door to cross-border investing for local and international players seeking access to foreign capital markets. Founded in 2012, the company serves as the Global Markets and Investment Banking arm of the BCS Financial Group, a leading capital market specialist and fintech innovator in Russia. BCS Global Markets offers prime brokerage and investment services for institutional, corporate, and high-net-worth individual clients, at home and abroad. It has an expansive reach, with additional operations in Cyprus, the UK, and USA. BCS Global Markets leverages next-generation technology to optimise infrastructure for rock-solid stability and ultra-low latency. The firm boasts the broadest coverage of Russian stocks and the most aggressive finance rates. It launched a sophisticated synthetic prime brokerage solution last year for global exchange trading with flexible swaps. BCS Global Markets celebrates the proud performance of Russian equities in 2019 and predicts a steady pipeline of Russian companies to list IPOs on the Moscow Stock Exchange in 2020. Across the Moscow Exchange, whether measuring equity derivatives or FX options, BCS Global Markets consistently claims top spot. It takes pains to never over-promise or under-deliver by engaging in honest dialogue with clients about risk management. It regularly reviews customer feedback to ensure product development is aligned with client needs. For its seamless service, value-added offering, and tailored solutions, the judging panel presents BCS Global Markets with the 2019 Best Prime Brokerage Services (Russia) award.