Media Room
04 Feb 2020
BCS Global Markets at the annual SRP Europe Conference 2020

On January 28-30, the 17th largest annual European conference on alternative investments dedicated to the growth of the structured products industry in Europe took place. Taras Semik, MD, Head of Structured Products, BCS Global Markets, represented BCS Global Markets at the conference.

More than 300 participants attended the conference to discuss the recent trends and problems of the sector.

The following key issues were discussed at the conference:

∙             Strategies for diversification: beyond auto-call concentration;

∙             Strategies for stimulation of structured products implementation;

∙             Asset and structured product management after MiFID II implementation;

∙              Evaluation of the ESG investing sustainability;

∙             Growth of structured products sales in emerging markets.

Taras Semik spoke in the panel discussion “Alternative investments: a global perspective” together with Lukáš Mičian, Head of Investments, Products and Digital, Unicredit, and John Lau, Head of Treasury Products & Specialists - Wealth Management, United Overseas Bank.

Taras explained how falling interest rates in Russia drove the shift into structured products and demand for credit risk grew in pursuit of yield, being a key driver of product innovation. He also presented the innovative product Pegasus with increased yield and 100% protection at maturity.