Media Room
11 Feb 2020
BCS Global Markets, BCS Broker and Argus research enter into a partnership agreement

The investment bank BCS Global Markets, BCS Broker and Argus Research, a leading analytical US company providing independent research and analysis of US equities to the professional market, have signed a partnership agreement.

The cooperation allows clients of BCS Global Markets and BCS Broker to receive on a regular basis high-quality analytical information, including daily market reports, detailed company reports and macroeconomic and industrial surveys.

Argus Research provides updates on corporate events and the market situation which are followed by more than 100 US financial experts. The company analysts stay in touch with major investors and issuer representatives, thanks to which Argus has remained among the top investment idea developers for several decades. The company performs detailed analysis of about 500 S&P 500 companies.

The partnership with Argus Research, a major global analytical company, is one more step for increase of the analytical coverage level of BCS Global Markets and BCS Broker. It also continues the orderly development of the BCS Global Markets business in the USA which started in 2015, when the investment bank acquired a broker-dealer company with an office in New York.

The service has become available for institutional clients and HNW clients of the Personal Investment Bank of BCS Global Markets and clients of BCS Broker receiving brokerage consulting services.

Oleg Chikhladze, Head of Brokerage, BCS Broker: Relying on its 25 years of finance experience, BCS always endeavors to help clients achieve their investment goals, offering the best-in-class expertise and solutions. Partnering with Argus Research, a leading investment and analytical company, will enable us to provide our clients with effective and timely investment ideas that will deliver maximum financial results.

John Eade, President, Argus Research: We are glad to collaborate with BCS, Russia’s leading broker-dealer. We are looking forward to the opportunity to share our international investment research, opinions, forecasts and ratings with their clients.

Kirill Chuyko, Head of Research, BCS Global Markets.: A professional analytical product from Argus is unique for the Russian market and gives clients direct access to internationally recognized US market analytics. I am confident that this product will significantly expand the clients’ investment opportunities.