Media Room
27 Mar 2020
BCS Global Markets is offering free research until 1 July, 2020

Amid extreme volatility and general uncertainty in global markets, BCS Global Markets is offering free access to its high-quality research on the Russian equity and bond markets both in Russian and English until 1 July.

In the current environment, awareness has become a key resource. BCS GM research products equip investors with timely and actionable information on market developments as well as with specific recommendations and an action plan.

BCS GM attain high service standards through the efforts of 19 recognized and experienced analysts and strategists, who maintain close communications with the market’s major names and are frequently ranked among the best in professional ratings and industrial surveys.

Our research products will be distributed through the BCS GM Telegram-channel – where subscribers can find the most relevant information in real-time mode.

Kirill Chuyko, Head of the Research Department, BCS Global Markets:

At times of unparalleled turbulence, we at BCS GM believe it is our duty to deliver the maximum in support and assistance to both our current and potential clients, allowing them not only to navigate the hard times without losses, but also to capitalize on the unique opportunities that emerge during periods of crisis. The most recent reports will be posted in our Telegram channel and on the Russian version of the BCS GM Research website, which will be presented shortly. The first research product made available for free was our team’s collective update on the entire market.