Media Room
03 Jul 2020
The 100th anniversary issue was the placement of OOO X5 FINANCE bonds worth 10 billion roubles at MOEX on June 30, 2020.

The initial coupon rate of 5.70%-5.80% per annum was reduced as part of bookbuilding to 5.65% per annum, setting the yield to maturity at 5.73% per annum. There is a call provision in 36 months. The issue is eligible to join the Bank of Russia’s Lombard List as well as be used as investment with pension savings and insurance reserves.

X5 Retail Group (MCX&LSE: FIVE) is one of Russia’s major food retailers managing a number of brands including convenience stores Pyaterochka, supermarkets Perekryostok and hypermarkets Karusel.

The company has international ratings from the world’s leading agencies, including BB+ from Fitch, Bа1 from Moody’s, BB from S&P, as well as ruAA+ from Expert RА.