Media Room
07 Sep 2020
MOEX added PAO AFK Sistema bonds worth 10 billion roubles to its list of fixed income securities

The initial coupon rate of 6.60%-6.75% per annum was set as part of bookbuilding to 6.70% per annum, setting the yield to maturity at 6.81% per annum.  There is a four-year call provision. The issue is eligible to be used as investment with pension savings and insurance reserves.

PAO AFK Sistema is a major Russian corporation, owning and managing a large portfolio of companies. Currently, it has a controlling stake in MTS, Detsky Mir, Medsi, Segezha Group, BESK, Agricultural Holding Step, RTI, BESK, etc.

The company has international ratings from the world’s leading agencies, BB- from Fitch, BB- from S&P, as well as ruA from Expert RА.