Media Room
16 Nov 2020
MOEX added SFO MOS MSP 5 bonds worth 4 billion roubles to its list of fixed income securities, with BCS Global Markets acting as the lead manager.

The initial, pre-marketing coupon rate of 5.75-5.85% per annum was fixed as part of bookbuilding at 5.85% per annum, setting the yield to maturity at 6.00% per annum. Amortization will begin from Year 2, with maturity set at 14 years while expected duration is estimated at 1.8 years.

SFO MOS MSP 5 is a special purpose financial vehicle set up to issue bonds.

The placement was recognized as a structured financing instrument and assigned the ruAAA.sf credit rating by the Russian rating agency Expert RA.

АО MSP Bank was set up in 1999 under Federal Law No. 36 FZ ‘1999 Federal Budget’ and under the Russian Government’s Executive Order No. 391-R dated 10 March 1999. 100% of the shares of AO MSP Bank belong to AO MSP Corporation, established under Presidential Decree No. 287 ‘On Measures to Further Develop SMEs’ dated 5 June 2015.

The Bank has an international credit rating ‘Ba2’ from Moody’s as well as the national ratings by AKRA, A+(RU), and Expert RA, ‘ruA+’.