Media Room
07 Apr 2021
Brusnika. Construction and Development Bonds Placement

On 5 April 2021, Brusnika. Construction and Development LLC made a bond placement worth six billion roubles on MOEX, with BCS Global Markets acting as the Arranger.

A long marketing campaign (including an online workshop be MOEX and Cbonds-Congress), coupled with professional collaboration between the Issuer and the Arrangers drove enough demand to ensure the full amount placement.

The first coupon rate target during the marketing process was 9.70-9.90% per annum. As part of bookbuilding, the final coupon was cut down to 9.60% per annum, setting the yield to maturity at 9.95% per annum. The issuе has a maturity of three years. It is assigned 'A-(RU)' bond rating by Russia’s rating agency ACRA. 

Brusnika. Construction and Development LLC (АCRА – ‘A-(RU)’, Expert RА – ‘ruBBB+’) is a Russian developer headquartered in the city of Ekaterinburg with a focus on high-rise residential housing. Its portfolio includes modern budget segment apartment blocks in major cities in the Urals and Siberia, in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The disclosure schedule for escrow accounts is convenient for servicing project financing and corporate debt as well as bonds. The Company’s revenue has been steadily growing: 19.3 bn in 2019, 24.4 bn in 2020, and an expected 32.2 bn in 2021.