Media Room
26 Nov 2021
BCS Global Markets Arranges Bond Issue by TALAN-FINANCE LLC and Binnopharm Group LLC

On 22 November 2021, TALAN-FINANCE LLC placed a bond issue worth 1 billion roubles on MOEX. The first coupon rate target during the marketing process ranged between 13.00 and 13.75% per annum. During book building, the final coupon rate was set at the lower bound of the initial range of 13.00% per annum, with the effective yield to maturity at 13.65% per annum. The bond issue has a maturity of 3.5 years, with amortization starting from the second half of the 3 year. The structure of the issue provides for credit enhancement through a guarantee from Konstantin Makarov, TALAN Group’s beneficiary. In addition, guarantee is provided by Sozidaniye LLC, TALAN Group’s holding company. 

Sozidaniyе LLC (‘ruBB’ by Expert RA) is the parent company of TALAN Group with a focus on residential real estate projects. 

TALAN-FINANCE LLC acts as an SPV as part of TALAN Group to raise debt. Currently, the Group’s companies are designing and executing residential real estate projects in 13 Russian regions – from Tver in the central district to Vladivostok in the Far East. TALAN is part of Top 15 companies in Russia by construction volume in the regions. 

On 24 November 2021, Binnopharm Group LLC made its debut bond issue worth 3 billion roubles on MOEX.

The first coupon rate target ranged between 10.20 and 10.40% per annum. During book building, the coupon rate was cut three times to 9.90% per annum, with the yield to put at 10.27% per annum. The issue has a maturity of 15 years with a put option in 2 years. With an expected ‘ruA’ rating by Russian agency Expert RA, the issue is classified as an eligible investment option for pension savings and insurance reserves. The offer was made by ALIUM JSC and Sintez PJSC, production firms that operate as part of Binnopharm Group LLC and supply pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the market. 

Binnopharm Group LLC (‘ruA’ by Expert RA) is a full-cycle pharmaceutical holding company operating a number of production sites in several Russian cities and producing a wide range of medicines for a variety of treatments. Binnopharm Group has a presence in all 8 Russian federal districts, as well as in 14 countries. The Holding ranks 5th by sales among Russian private firms based on its 2020 performance. The Holding's portfolio features more than 450 drugs, 20 of which are recommended for COVID-19 treatment by the Russian Ministry of Health.